About Us


Established in 1984 by Gary Moyer

In 1984, Gary opened Diversified Automotive. He had the love for two things, his family and cars. So he chose to support his family while satisfying his passion for the automobile. Diversified was born.

Having Gary run Diversified for 24 years, it was coming to the time of retirement. Now Gary could of just sold everything, retired and never looked back. But he didn’t, he knew there would be a void in the automotive industry. He believed in the services he was providing, so he started looking for someone to fill his shoes. After a few unsuccessful applicants Chad Weaver teamed up with Gary Moyer. After a few years of Chad being Gary’s apprentice, a new owner was born.

Chad Weaver (Owner)

Chad has the same love and passion that Gary had. So Diversified Automotive continues to be family owned & operated. Chad is providing all the same services that Gary provided and more. As time flies by and technology changes we will need to meet or exceed our customers expectations.          

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